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-Beauty stars within CITU-

-Every thing starts from here-

There are many women in the world who have worries about their own delicate zone.

However, you actually don't learn how to take care and you just don't care.

”How do you care?”

”Too shy to care about your delicate zone”

”I can't help because I'm not young anymore”

”I don't usually show to anyone...” and given up to care?

By being familiar with medical and correct self-care and practice self-care and make that a habit, you can get a healthy, beautiful, confident, and moisturized delicate zone.

Knowing yourself could be a step to take care of yourself.

The origin of life is the womb.

So I want you to care about it.

You! Who started to take care of yourself!

To get treated as an important woman by others ...

Let's get started CITU Beauty LIFE!!!!





Primary Course

We have prepared a course to learn Vaginal beauty primary Medical feminist care:

You can take it easily b online zoom call.

-Online group course

-Individual course

-Face-to-face lecture

You can choose courses

from above

-Start of everything-
​Representative: Harumi Murakami




(Reception time14〜20)

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